Hello! My name is Allison Masangkay.
I’m a Filipinx American student, DJ, artist, social justice advocate, and Pharrell enthusiast originally from northern New Jersey.

About me

I currently live in Seattle, WA where I can usually be found being a business and anthropology student at the University of Washington; working towards justice through self-healing, sincere relationships, and creative projects in the community as myself or DJ Phenohype; attempting to find the best pizza & bagels in Seattle (still a work in progress); and/or sharing anything and everything about Pharrell Williams. Outside of these activities, I’m an intern with the Environmental Justice and Service Equity Division at Seattle Public Utilities and like to go to concerts, eat at local POC-owned restaurants with friends, and review my horoscope (Virgo sun, Capricorn rising, Gemini moon) during my spare time.